Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

The experience of Counselling/Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which clients can explore difficulties they are encountering in their lives. It is a tried and trusted way of helping with emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioural difficulties for individuals, couples and families. The goal of Psychotherapy is to enable a client to live a more self-aware, self-empowered, fulfilling and satisfying life.

What kind of therapy is Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy?

Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy uses a range of approaches and is based on mutual respect, deepening the self- understanding between people. It focuses on the whole person and on his or her free will, self-determination, and experiences. . The therapist provides empathic support and a deep listening experience and may use a number of different therapeutic approaches according to the client's needs. The relationship between client and therapist is a safe trusting space in which to explore and understand the complex nature of the personal experience.

Why avail of Counselling/Psychotherapy?

People may choose to have counselling/psychotherapy because of crises or challenges they are experiencing, in their lives for example: stresses at work, relationship difficulties, health problems or experiences of depression, anxiety, bereavement, etc. Some people come because of issues relating to their past that are impacting on their present lives, causing internal struggles and resulting in upset and distress. Others are interested in personal development and growing in self awareness as they wish to find a greater sense of meaning in their lives. Through a confidential relationship between client and therapist, the therapy process facilitates a client to examine the difficulties that are causing them concern and to find ways of dealing with these difficulties. It also allows for exploration of their past history and supports them in gaining insight and changing current patterns of behaviour.

Frequency of Sessions and Duration of Therapy?

Typically, sessions are of one hour duration, weekly and are totally confidential.. Often clients ask the therapist, "How long will it take"? The length of the therapy will vary according to the needs of the client and depends on a number of factors. For example, a recent issue will take less time than something that has been present for a long time. Sometimes a client will come with a particular issue and when they are satisfied that this is resolved, they choose to stay to explore other issues in their lives. The therapist and client will regularly review how the therapy is progressing.

Some Client's Comments (with client permission)

"I could never say this to my family - it's too personal"
"It's such a relief to know that these feelings are ok"
"Now I understand why I can never say no to my family, I am a work in progress!"

Consultation Session

It is recommended that people who are considering therapy have an initial consultation with the therapist to discuss their needs and find out more about the therapist's approach.

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