Sports Injury Treatments

Sports injuries are caused by trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities and can affect bones or soft tissues. These days, similar injuries are occurring within the workplace as builders, carpenters and factory workers are developing tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

Adults are less likely to suffer sports injuries than children, whose inclination is augmented by immature reflexes, an inability to recognize and evaluate risks, and/or underdeveloped coordination. However, it is common for adults who participate mostly in recreational sports to suffer from acute trauma such as collisions or falls; serious athletes will usually experience repetitive stress. In addition, the incorrect use of, or malfunctioning, sports equipment can also be a factor.

Approximately 95% of all sports injuries are soft tissue traumas:

  • Contusions - bruising
  • Sprains – partial or complete tearing of a ligament
  • Strains – partial or complete tearing of a muscle and/or tendon
  • Tendonitis – inflammation of tendon
  • Bursitis – inflammation of the fluid-sacs surrounding a tendon

The remainder are usually skeletal injuries such as broken bones and shin splints. Of course the most severe injury is concussion which can be caused by even the slightest blow to the head.

Soft tissue traumas that persist, intensify, or reduce the ability to play without pain should be evaluated by a sports injury specialist. Prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment can often prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems or causing long term damage.

Treatment for minor soft tissue injuries generally consists of:

  • Compressing the injured area with an elastic bandage
  • Elevation
  • Ice
  • Rest

The client will be advised how and when to return to normal exercise.

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