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Paul Thornley

Neuromuscular & Physical Therapist / STOTT PILATES Instructor

"I love my job with passion as it allows me to improve the posture, the mobility, the comfort and the quality of life of my patients..."

Five years ago, an opportunity arose for me to have a career change which I grabbed with both hands and over that period I have been gaining the knowledge and experience that has allowed me to offer the very best treatment solutions for my clientele, from the general public to my elite sporting clients

I am one of only thirty qualified Advanced Neuromuscular Therapists in Ireland, after receiving my training from Leon Chaitow ND DO of the University of Westminster and Judith Delaney, Director of American Neuromuscular Therapy Florida. I am also one of three fully certified STOTT PILATES Instructors in the country, after completing my training at the STOTT PILATES headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

These skills have given me a real advantage over the more traditional methods of treating chronic and acute pain, whether occupational or sports related, particularly in the injury prevention portion of my treatments. Here I bring a real passion for educating my clientele on how to avoid progressive poor posture and incorrect bio-mechanical movement patterns in order to prevent painful symptoms arising in the first instance, as well addressing the rehabilitation phase of their treatments.

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