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Professional Hot Stone Massage Mullingar

Hot Stone Massage WestMeath
Hot Stone Massage Mullingar

What Is A Hot Stone Massage ?

Hot stone massage therapy is a holistic healing process that uses warmed stones to offer therapeutic and wellness benefits. The stones are usually smooth, basalt stones that have been eroded smooth by water. They retain heat well, making them ideal for prolonged massage sessions. Hot stone massage is not a new concept – it has been used for thousands of years in China as part of traditional Chinese medicine.

How Does A Hot Stone Massage Work ?

Our therapist will warm the stones in water until they are within the precise temperature range. A hot stone massage may begin with a traditional Swedish massage technique to prepare your muscles. Our therapist will then place the warm stones on key acupressure points on your body. The stones warm and relax your muscles, allowing deeper pressure to be applied during your massage. Using massage oil and a combination of strokes and techniques, your spa therapist will massage your neck, back, arms and legs, with and without the stones. You should always tell your therapist if the stones are too warm or the pressure is too intense. 

The Benifits Of A Hot Stone Massage ?

If you’re looking for a massage that can offer some serious health benefits, hot stone massage is a great option. This type of massage has been shown to be helpful for people suffering from conditions like asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, cardiac problems, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, migraines, PMS, and joint pains. Hot stone massage can help to relieve the tension and stress that have been weighing you down. Additionally, the heat from the stones can help to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation. This can in turn help to treat several ailments, including asthma and allergies.

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