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Reflexology Therapy Clinic

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Reflexology Therapy Mullingar

Reflexology Mullingar

What Is Reflexology ?

Reflexology is a non-invasive and deeply relaxing alternative health therapy that can be highly effective in reducing stress and promoting wellbeing. By optimizing good health and building resilience, reflexology can be key in improving overall health and quality of life. This touch therapy is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work these points and areas to promote deep relaxation and healing within the body.

What Is Involved In The Treatment ?

Reflexology is a very easy therapy to receive; depending on the type of reflexology, the most clothing that will need to be removed for a treatment to take place will be your socks and shoes.

The therapist will then use their hands to apply pressure to the feet, lower leg, hands, ears or face, depending on the type of reflexology chosen. You may feel areas of discomfort during the treatment, but generally the experience should be relaxing.

The Benefits Of Reflexology ?

Reflexology is an effective and gentle way to restore the body’s natural equilibrium. This therapy can help the body heal itself, sometimes reversing years of damage or misuse. Drugs and medication are never used in reflexology, but nutrition is very important. Your therapist would advise you accordingly.

Reflexology has been successful in revealing many acute and chronic conditions, such as insomnia, menstrual problems, migraines, sinusitis, vertigo, asthma, sciatica, and many others. In addition, its benefits extend to improving circulation, purifying the lymphatic system, improved function of the intestines, liver and kidneys, and general detoxification.

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